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Plagiarism Checker

This plagiarism checker aims to help people to evaluate if the content they are searching has been plagiarized or not. This amazing tool will ensure that it will scan every word. Accuracy is our priority because we give great value to writers and students who are working very hard to create quality and 100% unique content. This hassle-free tool won't waste your precious time determining plagiarism by yourself which could eat too much of your time and would probably be the major cause of not submitting your work on time.

How it Works?

This plagiarism checker works with the help of a specially designed program that could automatically process your search and scanning all the related links of the websites over the internet and providing you with results in a snap. The tool works by comparing the two sources and lets you know if and how much of the content is plagiarized. Upon determining that your desired search is not unique, then you can also clarify the report that evaluates your content, it highlights the exact parts that have been plagiarized. You can also access the links to the source of the phrase or article.

How to use?

Using this awesome plagiarism checker is as easy as one-two-three. Simply type the sentence or paragraph in the box that you wish to check and click on the 'Search' button, and within a second you will see the results. Another way is by attaching a text file from your pc or laptop.

Just take note of the maximum word count allowed per search. The results would show either green or red. The green color specifies that your content has been cleared, while the red color specifies that it is plagiarized. It will also give you the percentage of the plagiarized content. You will find this very helpful if you wish to edit or rewrite your work later on. This plagiarism checker tool is most beneficial if you want to find the exact source of the copied content.